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Promoting south cultural huimin project The field culture activities every day play ""

Date: 2015-12-22

Build 10 community public theater, roll out 100 cultural huimin activities;Will be high art into the community, let residents can enjoy a master at home;Free of 12 arts classes, let people learn to le...2015 districts flagship cultural huimin "innovation", constantly with popularization creation lead to cultural activities, is a resident of fun to see and hear the positive energy of cultural products.At the same time, also by integrating revitalize the folk resources, provides people with more rich content, quality is more elegant culture art high-quality goods, make elegant art also is able to "fly into ordinary people".

Create "community public welfare theater"

"Do you have recently? I'm late, today didn't look at all. If there is a performance next time, I want to come early."On August 27, from districts nearly 10 street team, the selection of the best field experience people dance show, runway shows, variety show, a square dance and so on hundred excellent programs take turns in huiquan square, a lot of the audience organizers invited to do a few more such activities.

According to introducing, since July, by the press and publication districts culture building of community public theater's launch, by purchasing a professional, high-end cultural products at the same time, introduced the "film and TV art exchange", "huan up a" a drama club, "high art", "people fashion show" and "open" five plates 100 cultural huimin activities, let the people in their own homes to realize "weeks Zhou Yan, see" every day, residents participate in nearly 30000 person-time.

Cultural feast "in order to put the best field more exciting to surrender to the community and the people, after repeated screening, we will huiquan square, FuLong style square, free and unfettered, the church square, Hong Kong garden square square to determine the first 10 cultural activities such as community public theater."Through the 10 districts cultural center director tung ting-hin introduction, community public theater building, 100 launch, the activity of cultural huimin, again with creative impetus community culture activity popularization, eventually for residents' continuous conveying some pretty fun cultural products of positive energy.

"Had no place to go after the meal, now home to watch the performance."Huan up a big fan of a drama club aunt li told reporters that oneself follow a watching a drama club four or five performances this year, especially like these actors original content, both their lives and education significance.

Elegant door to admire the art exhibition

In early 2015, launched the community's first public art exhibition of districts entered the xianyou fine oil painting exhibition, the exhibition of 13 domestic well-known painter 25 pieces of fine painting into the golden way street community xianyou road, free and open exhibition for five days, attracted many citizens to participate in.

"Professional art into the community, to break the limit, only professional gallery of art before also began into the residents live."The exhibition of community residents to "community commonweal arts exhibition" thumb up.We have learned, in this exhibition of paintings all came from an art gallery.

"The community is the public art districts to broaden cultural supply channel is an important attempt, with this experience, we have to revitalize all kinds of folk literature and art resources, gradually build a government-led, social participation in public cultural service system, also let people at home can enjoy a line master works."Districts culture news bureau relevant controller introduces, in 2015, pioneered the districts in the city "the public exhibition" into the community model, joint JiaMu burning art museum, art museum, Qingdao philatelic association, institutions such as the "locomotive" camera club, launched community commonweal arts exhibition, &news, festivals, and other series of theme activities.

"Held more than 50 times this year's community public welfare, famous paintings on display, collection of stamps, photography, and so on nearly thousand, attracts thousands of visitors near."The relevant person in charge of districts culture bureau is introduced.

12 kinds of art classes to learn for free

"Said before I'm old Qingdao people, mandarin is not standard, studied 2 years of reading, the teacher taught me word. Learn a lot of knowledge, also emerge in the national contest."Districts cultural center students lee introduced, their starting in 2013 to participate in the districts of free training courses, up to now.

Interview, the reporter understands, in recent years, the districts not only pay attention to the fine arts creation, but also opened a variety of training courses, encourage citizens to participate in training.

"We not only have a free training courses, but also opened a rip through lecture hall."Tung ting-hin introduction, after each end of the "workshop", give people leave a feedback, residents can put forward to solve the problem of their own needs, reach a certain number, we will into the community for residents to provide flower arranging, keeping in good health, the tea ceremony, and so on aspects of the course, the real achieve the targeted teaching.

S link to invite you talk around the new changes

At the end of 2015, the review of this year, you and your family what new changes have taken place: maybe you bought the new house, maybe you a wage increase, perhaps your social security card pensions raised again, maybe around you for a few more convenient service point, don't have to out of the community hospital, and maybe you looking forward to the opening of the metro line 3 is a "innovation" has given way to travel.These changes is full of joy, but there may be some changes, not as you wish.

Recently, the peninsula network launched a "tell me about the new changes of" theme, invite people to join us in sharing things around you.Interested people can scan the qr code below or direct land net of peninsula Qingdao community into the subject placard to participate in activities.