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Open the door for workers to send warmth Love the businessman to medal of "love"

Date: 2015-12-22

December 21, peninsula metropolis daily news (reporter Jeff Lin Gang) from the beginning of December, this newspaper published continuously warm workers reported that more than 200 merchants to join this camp, love is willing to open the door to invite sanitation workers inside heating rest.For the convenience of sanitation workers identification, this joint island city public welfare organization situation led xigaze education fund has printed medal of "love", distributed to the love.21, short the time of day, the medal of "love" is love business away from more than 130.

Citizens Mr. Chang in minjiang road runs a seafood restaurant called nine pier and he has been watching this warm series of workers.In early December, Mr. Chang response our love call, warm and open the door, invite the sanitation workers around working inside heating rest, "near some sanitation worker is my hometown, our relationship is very good, they often come in to drink water to have a rest."Mr. Chang said.21 in the morning, the reporter to send a medal of "love" to the restaurant, a few waiter immediately gather together in the hall.A maid after finish pick up a piece of cloth, glass door to wipe clean, the medal of "love" posted on the door carefully, "the sanitation workers passed by our shop, we know that we store welcome them in the station."

In order to let the sanitation workers in winter there is a place to rest, after bus group opened more than 100 free happy station, street parking gatehouse, operation department and staff room and other places, convenient sanitation workers rest, drink water, to the nearest staff canteen close also can have a free lunch.21, Qingdao bus group staff to this newspaper away hundreds of medal of "love", said the place will be distributed to more than love as soon as possible.

21, at noon, the reporter comes to bus group hippo stone team is located in liaoyang west road and hill along the intersection of the parking lot.Close to the side of the road a little house, I finished my work two sanitation workers are drinking hot water inside chat with the staff on duty.The reporter understands, in a small house heating two sanitation worker is a pair of husband and wife, their hometown linyi, every day they will be led to hut to eat love lunch at noon.Sanitation worker Mr. Liu, he is responsible for cleaning the liaoyang west road all the way from hill to hill three way, this passage for the team's enthusiastic attention, the couple are very grateful.Get a medal of "love", the team of staff and he posted in the love shack on the window."This medal of love is an honor for our team, for workers, this is a 'key'. As long as see it posted on the door, you can go in heating rest."The team secretary zhang said with a smile.

If you are thankful for, the sanitation workers love if you are willing to lend them a hand, open the door to invite them into the house to keep warm, also can come to this to get a medal of "love".Sign up and receive advice as follows: 1, to call our hotline 96663;2, the client through the peninsula, the peninsula metropolis daily WeChat (WeChat ID: bandaobao) and peninsula metropolis daily weibo, message: content + name + your phone.