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First the birth of Qingdao jiaozhou bay highway tunnel gb tunnel was the highest

Date: 2015-12-22

Evening paper yesterday, the state ministry of transport in green chaired a review meeting, the People's Republic of China transportation industry "standard of highway tunnel operation enterprise safety production standardization" and "highway tunnel operation enterprise safety production standardization detailed rules for examination and assessment of standards (hereinafter referred to as the" standard "and" detailed rules ") by the expert group review.Highway tunnel operation enterprise safety production in China's first "national standard" compiled by jiaozhou bay of Qingdao guosen transportation co., LTD, and through the ministry of transport, the expert group review, fill the domestic blank.
Qingdao jiaozhou bay tunnel engineering quality accords with national standard and the design requirements, the completion acceptance level of comprehensive evaluation for the fine, comprehensive evaluation score of 98.06 points, the acceptance of work of the highest national large tunnels.Tunnel after put into operation, the municipal committee in accordance with national requirements, guide the guosen group actively promote tunnel safety standardization construction work.Last year, the company completed the "security, standardized criteria tunnel operating enterprises in shandong province", by the provincial bureau of establishment for the provincial standard standard.After provincial standards issued, the company continuously increased the jiaozhou bay tunnel operation safety standardization system in the field of revised and enforcement, this year by the national ministry of transport is specified for the road tunnel operation enterprise safety standardization basic rules of the main unit.
The reporter understands, this standard highlighted tunnel facilities and operation key points of safety management, including risk management, operational technology and equipment, operation management, occupational health and safety culture 16 primary elements.After decomposition and index quantification, further formed the rules for examination and assessment of article 56, 155.
Jiaozhou bay tunnel to gradually establish and perfect the emergency rescue organization management system, the organization capable force set up a rescue team of more than 60 people.8 km tunnel, in order to ensure that the first time dealing with emergencies, specially set up in central tunnel emergency mobile team manned 24 hours a day, and equipped with a motorcycle, guarantee any problems in the tunnel can process for the first time in seven minutes, the team has been hailed as "Qingdao lowest emergency on-duty team".
In this a series of measures under the protection of jiaozhou bay tunnel since June 30, 2011 opened, keep running.As of yesterday, has safe operation for 1633 days, not a larger and more accident happened, not in a traffic jam, accident rate is far lower than the kind for the actual level and the professional organizations at home and abroad of forecast data, comprehensive operation management level in the domestic top in the industry.(Qingdao evening news/palm/Qingdao QingWang journalists Fu Chunxiao)
Qingdao to participate in the national standards for more than 550
Jiaozhou bay tunnel operation safety management of "standardization" is a miniature of the zhuhai vigorously implement the strategy of standardization.In recent years, the city around the shandong peninsula blue economic zone and the Qingdao blue economic zone, the west coast of Qingdao, new city, red island in silicon valley construction strategy, vigorously implement the strategy of standardization, standardization work has achieved remarkable results, walk in the forefront of the province, the national.
At present, the city's enterprises to bear the total 25 international and national standardization technology organizations secretariat, accounted for 60% of shandong province, to lead the similar cities in China.By Qingdao enterprises and institutions to participate in the international standard and revising of 62 items, 550 items of national standards, industry standards for more than 600.Access to the national standard innovation award 19, of which the first prize three items.