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Qingdao metro daily passenger flow 30000 person-time One full weekend station

Date: 2015-12-22

19 and 20 is the northern section of metro line 3 since opening its first weekend.It is understood that since the opening, the subway traffic continues to grow.16 open transported 28000 passengers on the same day.Currently, 10 sites along the average daily traffic more than 30000 people.Among them, the number of total station on December 19, 68122.
19 and 20 at the weekend, a lot of office worker especially with the elderly and children to experience "tasting".Reporter in the building subway station, litsun stand to see inside the station, the crowded, almost every station "metro opened, because the work didn't have a chance to take. Today come specially for za home of Qingdao subway."A citizen tells a reporter, I heard the Qingdao subway car is with local characteristics, there are four seasons is not only the theme, and "Qingdao dialect version", hope to have the honor to experience.
Thanks to the opening of the subway, litsun business circle of growth a lot of people.Over the weekend, litsun stations in crowded, self-help is lined up before the ticket machine.Lives in licang citizens ms li distance litsun oasis road business circle is not far away, but because the road blocked, parking and other reasons, she has been more than a year of time not to the business circle to go shopping shopping."The door of the house is haier road subway station, and sit on the subway after seven or eight minutes to litsun, it's very convenient for".Ms. Lee said, after she will often come here to shopping.
Qingdao metro building station chief liu told reporters that although the passenger flow increase, but in order to run well, but there are still many passengers are not familiar with the use of automatic machines.To this end, the station more staff and volunteers, to provide advice and help for passengers.
Qingdao metro group staff warns a citizen, brush piano island to take the subway and bus pass process is different, as long as the remaining sum inside card is enough, when to take a bus with a card you can pay more than the fare.Take the subway card, however, are not more than one card brush.Because the subway system in the default value is "into a", and need to stop and the outbound charge site information to deduct transportation cost, so a person credit card can't charge the ticket again after a train station.At present, the piano island through an ordinary, special-shaped CARDS, the old card, student card, this card, love.And piano island and card of bank of communications, the piano island yi-tong telecom mobile phone card, joint bank of Qingdao metro group launched "subway card", etc., are permitted to charge by subway.
In addition, the opening of the northern section of metro line 3, the station attendant every day to check out the cutting tools, spray and other inflammable and explosive dangerous goods.Subway has said, will be according to the principle of "every package shall be checked using AnJianJi to safety inspection station passenger carrying package, using a handheld probe checking for safety and block the contraband into a railway station or on board a train, eliminate safety hidden trouble.To remind passengers must not carry dangerous goods train rides, lest delay your schedule.(journal of Qingdao/green newspaper reporter Jian-liang zhou)