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Jiqing jiqing high-speed rail across the open building 2018 to 1 hour

Date: 2015-12-22

Morning paper dispatch four years later, will implement the 1 hour between jiqing high-speed direct.Yesterday afternoon, jiqing high-speed railway engineering construction mobilization meeting held in jinan, this means that after the qingyang tunnel early starts, jiqing high-speed into the construction stage.The jiqing high-speed 307.8 km, total have 10 stations, design speed of 350 km/h, construction period is 4 years.
Jiqing high-speed rail construction
Yesterday afternoon, jiqing high-speed railway engineering construction mobilization meeting was held in jinan, marked the jiqing high-speed rail project has entered the phase of comprehensive construction.Jiqing high-speed rail company on December 18, the successful completion of the jiqing high-speed engineering construction and construction supervision bidding work before.Before this, jiqing high-speed important controlling engineering - zouping county town of qingyang qingyang tunnel engineering has to start early in August this year, pulled open jiqing high-speed rail construction.
According to introducing, jiqing high-speed rail project is to be made on December 23, 2015 to March 31, 2016, carried out in order to "innovative work ideas, work goals" as the theme of the one hundred - day labor competition, all contractors will be in accordance with the "synchronous arrangements for production and living, synchronous implementation, normative, orderly and rapid formation of comprehensive construction situation," the general requirements and jiqing high-speed rail construction plan in 2016, creatively approach after all the work, carried out for jiqing high-speed rail project "high beginning, high efficient propulsion, high standard quality" the goal of laying a good start.
According to the plan, jiqing high-speed rail will invest 15 billion yuan in 2016, accounting for 26% of the total project investment.According to the work schedule and jiqing high-speed rail will be completed before the end of January 2016 key projects land to achieve all clear table, expand the construction.The requisition was basically completed before the end of April, 2016 at the end of June complete governance.
Full set of 10 station
The reporter understands, jiqing high-speed railway is the railway construction investment and financing reform, the country's first high-speed is given priority to with local investment in the construction of national trunk railway lines, the estimated total investment of 60 billion yuan, the construction period is 4 years.
According to previously released contract tender announcement, the newly built jiqing high-speed rail length of 307.9 kilometers, the design speed of 350 km/h, the full set of jinan east station, chapter grave north, zouping, zibo north, 307.9 north, qingzhou, weifang north, high-density, Qingdao airport, and 10 stations, such as red island and to modify jiaozhou north station.
According to previously released, according to the eia jiqing high-speed rail links will also build the new airport and Qingdao tunnel, in the new airport high-speed, airport tunnel located in producing soft container bags.for jiaodong, neighborhood Wang Guzhuang village north, south, in turn, look after a week, the former shop village, two shop village, Zhu Gutun village, south village of jiaodong, tunnel length of 7250 meters.
Between jiqing high-speed rail is completed, jinan, Qingdao will be 1 hour high-speed direct, jiqing Gao Tiexi jinan hub, with the beijing-shanghai high-speed railway and Shi Ji, stone too, such as passenger dedicated line is linked together, can form the shandong peninsula to the beijing-tianjin-hebei, and shandong peninsula northeast zhongyuan urban agglomeration, fast passenger passage of the changjiang river delta region;Qingdao hub in the east and qing rong inter-city, such as the railway, to form the "2 hours" traffic circle, in the province of jinan to yantai, rizhao only 2 hours or so.(reporter Wu Shuai)