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Qingdao people ride the subway train Litsun business circle more and more fire

Date: 2015-12-22

Yesterday was the subway opened after the first weekend, many people choose to take the subway to go to the litsun business circle.Although at this stage the subway only opened 10 sites of the northern section of line 3, is convenient for citizens to travel around, hot around the business circle.The reporter understands, the northern section of line 3 opening since the average daily traffic more than 30000 people.
Visit subway "push hot" business circle
Yesterday at 10 am, passenger flow of subway is much.The reporter understands, the passenger flow of a few days ago mainly around the elderly and commute white-collar gens, the weekend's main passenger flow is to trade circle litsun citizens of leisure shopping, some of them are small groups of young people, some of them are couples, there were three.Journalists stood paid to see, from the site service attendance almost two-thirds or more, there are some trains packed, even has a lot of standing passengers, "a difficult beg".Despite the seat, but after seeing the elderly and young children get on the bus passengers, will take the initiative to give up her seat."Before standing on the bus, or a corner, if you don't clutching handrails are easy to fall, but the subway is more stable, safety coefficient is relatively higher. Also" citizens liu told reporters that the subway opening travel brings great convenience for the public.
"Before the weekend did not dare to drive to litsun, too plugging, the mall to buy things, also can take a bus to leisurely stroll, return with several big bag of clothes and food, it is not convenient, no seats by bus to pay wait for taxi fees." citizens, says ms zhao, she and her girlfriends visiting litsun business circle plan, over there at noon to eat a meal, three at four o 'clock in the afternoon on the subway back to make."Three is the first time we sit subway, today to take their children to experience, the children very happy. We are ready to go to the mall to advance a few pieces of the Chinese New Year of choose and buy new clothes, more than ten minutes to get off the bus, too fast." citizen, Mr Wang said the subway age changed the proportion of transportation, with more and more metro line net construction, after the road congestion will also be alleviated.
Remind a harp island card can't more than a card brush
"People in the bus station, easy is the problem of piano island can pass more than one card brush." staff told reporters that brush piano island to take the subway and bus is not the same, as long as the remaining sum inside card is enough, when to take a bus with a piece of card to pay the fare of many, the metro card is the default "into a", and to train and outbound charge site information to deduct transportation costs, so when one swipe card again after pit is invalid.
At present, the piano island through an ordinary, special-shaped CARDS, CARDS, business CARDS, the old card, student card, this card, love, and piano island and card of bank of communications, the piano island yi-tong telecom mobile phone card, joint bank of Qingdao metro group launched "subway card" and so on the card, can charge to ride the subway.
Service ten sites are "warm post"
The reporter understands, since December 17, according to the six when 30 points to 21 at run time, the northern section of metro line 3 daily traffic is relatively stable, stay in more than 30000 people.Early opening, the citizens of the enthusiasm of the experience of the subway with the subway this new "benefits" of transportation."Get on the car after haven't manage to take a few photos hair circle of friends that soon arrived." people said Ms. Lee, now everybody's concept of time is more and more strong, fast travel is the best.
In order to provide quality services to the citizens of subway, ten sites have a "sweet station" with attendant, stop with the eight service content: radio wanted, provide the wheelchair, consulting services, the lost and found, sewing kit, the surrounding information, for the convenience of medicine services and care for maternal and infant.Staff also provides water and hot water, free for thirsty travelers.(Qingdao evening news/palm/Qingdao QingWang journalists Zhang Yi heart)